Could I Have An Allergic Reaction to Saniderm?

Saniderm is latex free, so allergic reactions are very rare. However, some individuals have extremely sensitive skin or allergies to adhesives. If you do experience a rash, abnormal skin irritation, or other symptoms of an allergic reaction, discontinue use and wash with mild soap.

If you want to try Saniderm, but have a latex allergy and suspect you may be allergic Saniderm’s adhesive for any reason, use a small test strip on your forearm. Leave this test strip on the area for 5-20 minutes, depending on how it feels. Correspondingly, if you begin feeling a burning sensation under the bandage or in the general area, this is a strong indicator you have an adhesive sensitivity and should not use Saniderm. Similarly, always consult a physician if serious swelling or rash occurs, and never use Saniderm on infected skin!