• At first: some bleeding, bruising, swelling, redness, and soreness or mild pain.
  • During healing: some discoloration, itching, oozing of a whiteish-yellow fluid (not pus) that will form some crust on the jewelry, Your skin may tighten around the jewelry as you heal.
  • After healing: the jewelry may not move easily in the piercing; do not force it. If you don't clean your piercing as a part of your daily bathing, normal but smelly secretions may build up.
  • A piercing may seem fine before the whole healing process is done. This is because they heal from the outside in. Even if it feels fine, the new skin is weak on the inside. Be patient, and keep cleaning all the way to the end of entire healing period.
  • If you have had a piercing for years, it can still shrink or close in minutes if you take out your jewelry! This is different from person to person; if you like your piercing, keep jewelry in do not leave the hole empty.